Kaos and Order
Project Overview:
Kaos and Order is a personal project created during the pandemic lockdown. The project encompasses an Ecommerce website showcasing a line of T-shirts and various designed products such as zines, stickers, and clothing. The aim of Kaos and Order is to visually explore creativity, inspiration, and design aesthetics while challenging the conventional clean and structured brand guidelines typically followed in client projects. The brand combines a busy handmade feeling with a focus on maintaining a positive user experience. The project incorporates personal illustrations and found visuals to create a unique and visually engaging brand experience.
My Role:
As the creator of Kaos and Order, my role involved conceptualizing and designing the entire project. I explored new creative territories by intentionally deviating from clean and structured brand guidelines commonly used in client projects. I employed my personal illustrations and curated visuals to develop a busy handmade aesthetic.  The project represents a personal exploration of innovation through embracing the unpredictability of chaos and finding meaning within it to bring it into order.
Let’s Work Together
Email: daniel@plandesigngrow.com
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