Project Overview:
Pavemint is a company that offers flexible and automated parking solutions to enhance operational efficiencies in parking lots. Their comprehensive platform, equipped with a powerful dashboard, allows businesses to track and forecast various aspects of their parking operations, including capacity, inventory, revenue, and traffic patterns. By leveraging Pavemint's innovative technology, parking businesses can optimize their performance and improve customer experiences.
My Role:
As the Art Director and Product Designer for Pavemint, I was responsible for creating a captivating brand design system and developing the visual elements for their online presence. This involved hand illustrating custom icons and car scenes, which added a unique touch to their imagery. Working closely with the marketing team, I built the core website and multiple landing pages for their product offerings. By combining my expertise in art direction and product design, I contributed to creating a visually engaging online experience that effectively communicated Pavemint's unique  parking solutions.
Let’s Work Together
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