Trophy Hunting
Project Overview:
I was tasked with solving navigation issues for a client whose customers were missing important updates and products based on their previous design. To address these issues, I conducted user research and identified pain points in the user journey. We then developed a minimalist, clean block design that displayed the client's collections in a more organized and intuitive way. The new navigation significantly improved the overall usability of the website, resulting in higher engagement and increased sales.
My Role:
As the lead UX product designer on this project, I played a crucial role in defining the problems and developing solutions. I worked closely with the research team to analyze user feedback and identify key pain points in the user journey. From there, I developed prototypes, which were then tested with users to refine the design. I also lead the development team to ensure that the final design was implemented seamlessly. The result was a design that not only solved the initial issues but also created a better brand experience overall.
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