Omnicure stands as a trailblazing Acute Care Telemedicine platform, poised to transform the synergy between bedside clinicians and remote specialists by enhancing collaboration and data exchange. Faced with challenges posed by outdated Tele-ICU systems and driven by the urgency of Covid-19 surges, a team of intensivists and innovators embarked on a mission to expedite response times and amplify the impact of intensivists, all through an intuitive, mobile-first approach.

My objective encompassed bringing their vision to life: designing, user-testing feature prototypes, and constructing a platform that's both accessible and scalable, while adhering to HIPAA compliance. The ultimate goal was to reshape the landscape of critical care by creating a user-friendly, future-oriented platform.

Omnicure MD

Omnicure MD



The Outcome

Transforming Healthcare Collaboration: From Vision to Reality

I spearheaded the partnership, overseeing the app and desktop platform's planning and design. We then refined the design system and brand guidelines to ensure a unified experience across teams.

Taking charge of the platform's look and feel, I led collaboration with developers and stakeholders, aligning design with user needs. My role encompassed guiding the visual direction, maintaining a polished interface, and refining user experience through research. I provided design specs, conducted usability tests, and iterated for an appealing and user-friendly platform, facilitating seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals.

The Impact

Empowering Healthcare Heroes.

Omnicure, backed by a significant government grant, emerged as a standout in the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network (NETCCN) during the Covid-19 crisis. With innovative telemedicine capabilities, it saved lives across urban and remote areas alike, improving patient outcomes and reducing transfers. In partnership with NETCCN, Omnicure is reshaping medical disaster response and patient care by seamlessly connecting intensivists with distant facilities.


Product Design
Art Direction

Website Design

Function Meets Beauty. The UI/UX design needed to transforms complex medical information into intuitive mobile screens.

Establishing rules and guidelines to allow for consistency across the experience and the internal teams, rules and guidelines.

HIPAA Compliant secure Video Chat User Experience designed for Mobile and Desktop

Creating a Future-Focused Healthcare Experience with Omnicure

Empowering intensivists and saving lives through swift collaboration

Through close collaboration with the marketing team, I contributed to the creation of a website that effectively conveys the client's business objectives.

Experience Innovation in Healthcare Design

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@ 2023 Daniel Eric Wilson

@ 2023 Daniel Eric Wilson

@ 2023 Daniel Eric Wilson